• Birds is featured as one of the “Best of the Best” on Airbnb’s Los Angeles Guidebook.

    82 local Airbnb hosts recommend!

    Upbeat neighborhood spot known for rotisserie chicken & American fare plus hopping bar & happy hour. Recommended! - From Kate's Guidebook

    Great late night bar and hang out spot for friends and meeting new people. Don't worry about missing your favorite sports game, they will have it on television, just a cool spot. - From Bobby's Guidebook

    Located between hotspot neighborhoods, this bar/restaurant is a great place to meet new people. Good drinks and bar food. Visit Franklin & Co next door as well. - From Rob's Guidebook

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  • "I went through a bad break-up and spent the day at a restaurant called Birds, where they had an anti-Valentine's Day party. You can hang up notes like I HATE HIM or HE WAS MEAN TO MY DOG and make a voodoo doll of your ex and poke it."

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    - Hayden Panettiere
  • "Birds: This simple bar and restaurant opened its doors in 1994, making it an infant in comparison to others on this list. The Franklin Village hot spot is well loved by local regulars, but even a first time visitor will get the feeling that they've been going to Bird's for years."

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    - KCET
  • "Chicken is the bird in question at Birds, whether it's swimming in tortilla soup, baking in a pot pie, or turning slowly on the rotisserie. Simple side dishes done right include mac and cheese and the outstanding barbecue baked beans. The fun, welcoming staff includes bartenders who will remember what you're drinking and how fast. You'll quickly find yourself on a point-and-nod system with them, a big reason why Birds is a cool place to be even on weekend nights, when the bar gets a little packed. Good for: Dinner and drinks before--and after--an improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater next door."

    - AV